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MDL Ministries was founded in 2012 by Dr. Marchelle Lee


Mission Statement 

To enrich and empower the lives of others by equipping them with lifelong tools that will enable them to thrive and walk in God's purpose through the teachings of Jesus Christ. 


Vision Statment

MDL Ministries endeavors to reach out to the lost, broken, and hurting. The ministry focuses on rebuilding individuals, families, churches, and communities by sharing the good news of God’s kingdom. We aspire to empower God's people with information and resources to effectively expand the Christian community.


Dr. Marchelle has seen many things in her life and has experienced much adversity.  Nowhere else to run and exhausting all other roads of attempted escape, she decided to give her life to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Her life began to change for the better and she found the love, peace, and freedom that she once craved in the world.  She was taught about Jesus and grew in the Word rapidly.  She wanted to be different, and serve God any way she could, to express her gratitude for her new relationship with Jesus.  She served in every ministry in the church where there was a need.  She became a Licensed Missionary in 1992. It was not long before Dr. Lee was given her Evangelist Missionary's License in 1994.  She was soon speaking in churches all over the city and in the Ohio Central and Ohio North Jurisdictions of the Church of God In Christ.  She also received opportunities to minister at community events, as well in her hometown, Cleveland, OH.  


God used her ministry to bring healing to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial realm of those who were hurting and distraught.  She found herself getting requests for revivals from all over. Many miracles occurred as individuals were healed from blindness, strokes, tumors, heart disease, and financial destruction. She has seen God use her in so many miraculous ways.


After a divorce in 2002 she became a travel nurse and after a few assignments, heard the call of God to go to the greater Houston, TX area, where she joined Williams Temple C.O.G.I.C. From 2003 to 2006 under the leadership of her Pastor, she began to minister in various parts of the USA. From 2007-2010 she traveled back and forth between Texas and Ohio to visit and help with her father whose health was declining. He passed in Dec. 2009 and during 2011 -2017 she assisted in the care of her mother until she passed away.  Nevertheless, she continued the ministry and Bible School during these difficult times.  In 2014-2018 she served at New Destiny Praise & Worship Center under the leadership of Dr. Ethan and Dr. Pamela Ogletree.  There she served as a Minister, Preachers' Liaison, and volunteer.

In 2012 Dr, Marchelle received a call from the Lord to start a ministry that would serve outside of the church as well.    God blessed her to preach the gospel to various denominations and to multiple organizations.  When she formed MDL Ministries, she thought it would be just for women and soon found herself speaking all people. She has ministered on the streets, in the prisons, and at conferences over the years. MDL serves the homeless, seniors, and children. During the holidays. we supply food, clothing, toys, redirecting, and provide resources.  MDL Ministries visits those who are hospitalized and incarcerated as the Lord leads.   

She believes that the Leaders of the church alone cannot fulfill the Great Commission.  "...And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature," Mark 16:15 KJV. Therefore, there is a ministry and purpose for all Believers.

In January 2017 just prior to her mother's passing, the Lord spoke and told her that her ministry would start again and it would be by media.  In Sept. 2017, she began a Christian Broadcasting Program which is on FB Live every Monday at 5 pm CST.  She has since become a TV Producer, producing content for Amazon TV, Roku TV, and Social Media platforms. In addition, she has become a Life and Organization Leadership Coach for individuals and organizations.  In 2021 she plans to launch a Radio Podcast with 24/7 airing content.

For the past four years, she has served in her bi-vocational status as a Psychiatric Registered Nurse with an 80% focus on adolescents and parents with children diagnosed with mental health disorders.


MDL Ministries 2022 accomplishments:
1. Reached 30 countries in various languages with the Monday night TV Broadcast reaching
on FB, Youtube, website, Ruko, and Amazon stations.
2. Assisted with volunteer efforts to help distribute 25 bags of groceries to seniors living
alone for the Thanksgiving holidays.
3. Provided clothing and shoes for more than 100 mental health inpatient adolescents and
adults through our donating partners.
4. Provided arts and crafts, crayons 250.00 materials to a male mental health adolescents
5. Donated clothing for a San Antonio homeless women’s shelter (through a clothing drive)
6. Published 31-Day Devotional with The Word That Works and Jesus
7. Completed and
 prepared for publication, Sharing the Good News, Gospel on the Go.

MDL Ministries has given small scholarships to Nursing Students as well in the past and seeks to
continued to feed into the education of our disenfranchised students.

Thanks to all our partners for your continued supporters of MDL Ministries Inc. We are so grateful for all you continue to do because we could not do it without you.  God bless each and every one of you and you are in our prayers.





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